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4Ever Memories Print Kit


I gave this as a baby gift and my friend was very thankful for receiving this gift. She said that she has been looking for a store that commissions this kind of job and it costs over $100. Now she can do it on her own. As soon as she was able to make the mold she started and said it was very easy to use and very relaxing to do. After using she said it is very easy to clean her hands and the hands of her baby. I would recommend this product as a great baby shower gift.

                   Mary Louise M – ✅Verified STARR Customer




 As the years fly by and your child grows, a commemorative imprint remains forever—always there reminding you of those fleeting first months of babyhood. Celebrate your little angels and turn their handprint and footprint into a piece of décor art.


Create wonderful baby photo frames fast and worry-free with our premium Baby Handprint & Footprint Photo Frame Kit. You can create a collection of imprints of your baby's handprint and footprint for each month of growth! STARR's Premium Clay Imprint Kit can also be a useful tool for recording and comparing your baby's healthy body development and growth.


Stunning & Stylish -Not your average hand and footprint picture frame! Our wood frame is a stylish piece that's sure to complement your decor. Display it on a table or mantel or use the included wall mount to hang in the baby's nursery or wherever the family comes together.


Simple to Dry -Our baby and pet safe clay is easy to work with. Simply knead. Roll. And press. You will have a beautiful imprint of baby's handprint and footprint, or your dog or cat's pawprint to hold on to forever.


Easy to Use – Just knead, flatten, create the impression, allow to dry; and you will have


Great Keepsakes - Prints make great gifts for parents, grandparents, and loved ones! It also makes for a perfect baby shower or baby registry gift!


Long-Lasting - Create a lasting memory of your baby's tiny prints as keepsakes.


Perfect as gifts – whether for a baby shower, baby registry these are perfectto give the expecting parents an experience they will remember forever.


Have you ever experienced a photoshoot with your little one?  It is usually longer than they can stay still, it’s expensive, and depending on the photographer, may not be the best experience for everyone.  However, capturing those first few months of your children’s life is so important because it goes by in a blink of an eye. Next thing you know, they will be walking, talking and going to school.  Imprint your child’s first few months with STARR’s Clay Imprints within 5 minutes, while they are sleeping and have a forever memory that you can cherish.