AimRight - Gaming Compression Sleeve


 “I have used this item for a few weeks now and it has improved my movement in FPS games. My forearm would always get stuck to my desk making it hard for me to stay on target. With this, my arm just glides across my desk without ever getting stuck!

It's the perfect fit for me and never slides down my arm. If you play a lot of FPS games I definitely recommend it if you have the same problem I had.”


Jay – ✅ Verified Customer




Arm perspiration for gamers is immediate end game leading to arms sticking to desks like duct tape. That perfect headshot is foiled by their mousepad catching their arms, making aiming difficult enough even without all the variables that come into play when playing FPS games.  Even reducing one variable can help elevate their game.  


AirmRight, the gaming compression sleeve, provides consistent friction and glide over most surfaces. Made out of elastic materials which are naturally good at being flexible and provide little friction. Achieve a better, more consistent aim with AimRight simply because variables such as sweaty skin and arm fatigue are now eliminated from the equation. 



Reasons Why AimRight Will Change Your Life

✅ REDUCE FRICTION - Coolmax Lycra Fabric provides frictionless movement of your arm, improving reaction time and movement in FPS games.

✅ PREVENTS SKIN FLARE UPS - Protects sensitive skin and eczema preventing skin flare-ups from extended gaming/streaming sessions. Allow for longer playing sessions with fewer distractions. 



COOLING EFFECT - Cooling arm sleeves can keep your arms dry by wicking sweat, provide compression which maintains your muscle memory.  Keep traction over surfaces constant leads to better aiming in your fps games. 

✅ IMPROVES BLOOD FLOW - Compression sleeves work to pump blood to and from the areas of focus by applying subtle pressure. Muscles and tissues use oxygen-rich blood as fuel; oxygen-rich muscles mean reduced muscle fatigue during longer tournament games.


✅ INCREASE PERFORMANCE - Gaming Sleeves Compression inevitably increases performance by reducing muscle vibrations (the source of fatigue); compression garments lead to greater resistance, strength, and lower fatigue.



We understand how frustrating it can be to aim properly in FPS games and getting that perfect shot off is difficult enough. Having arms get caught on a mouse pad, or stuck on the desk due to perspiration on your arms would make anyone throw their screen across the room in anger!

Thankfully AimRight featuring its Coolmax Lycra fabric that effortlessly wicks away perspiration from our arms, allowing seamless glide across our mousepad or desks to attain that perfect headshot! You will gain more confidence as you play more games and rise among the ranks of e-sports.  Keeping your arms in top shape during and after your game sessions with AimRight gives gamers a greater chance of reaching the pinnacle of their sport!



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