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SwirlEase Power Mug


I bought 2 of these. for myself and my hubby. I love that i can stir my coffee before sipping to balance the taste. Especially perfect for hot choco! Since hot coco sinks down the cocoa, this is perfect for mixing your drink prior to sipping. Worth it! I placed just ordinary AA batteries and have not changed it since purchase. So this product is not draining batteries fast. Good for gifting too! But I gifted it to myself and my hubby. Love it!

Deb P – ✅ Verified Customer

Welcome to a World of Assisted Innovation

In life's unfolding journey, age sometimes brings challenges that transform even the simplest tasks into endeavors of patience. Conditions like arthritis or other mobility issues can rob the joy from the most comforting routines, leaving a cloud of struggle where there once was a pleasure. In these moments, innovation becomes more than just technological advancement - it becomes a tool of compassion and understanding, a beacon of independence for those facing the uphill task of the everyday.

Introducing the SwirlEase Power Mug: Revolutionizing Comfort

Designed with a caring heart and a thoughtful mind, our SwirlEase Power Mug is a revolutionary automatic self-stirring mug that brings warmth and comfort back into the lives of those burdened with hand ailments. No more struggling with spoons or painful stirring, just the simple, calming joy of a well-stirred drink. This unique product is more than a technological marvel—it's a lifeline of comfort for our cherished elders, rekindling their love for their favorite beverages and gifting them a slice of their independence back.


Exceptional Benefits of the SwirlEase Power Mug

Ease of Use: A single push-button operation makes this mug easy to use, even for individuals with limited hand strength or dexterity.


Comfortable Grip: The ergonomic design ensures that the mug is easy to hold and reduces the strain on the hands and fingers.



Perfectly Mixed Beverages: The automatic stirring technology delivers evenly mixed beverages every time, enhancing flavor and consistency.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort: By eliminating manual stirring, the mug reduces the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis and other hand conditions.



Enhanced Independence: This mug fosters a sense of independence by enabling users to prepare perfectly stirred drinks without assistance.

Portable and Durable: Built to last, the mug is ideal for use at home, at a friend's place, or while traveling.

 Picture a refreshing, chilly morning. Your beloved grandfather, who has always had a fondness for hot chocolate, wakes up to make his beloved morning cup. Arthritis has caused his hands to ache over the years, making the once-simple pleasure of stirring his hot drink an excruciating job. With the SwirlEase Power Mug, he just has to press a button and watch with joy as his hot chocolate stirs itself flawlessly. The distress in his hands evaporates, replaced by the cozy warmth of his preferred drink. He beams, treasuring the newfound independence he has gained.

In a world where technology makes life more convenient, why should our elders be left out? The SwirlEase Power Mug is more than just an automatic stirring mug. It provides comfort, independence, and uninterrupted enjoyment of life's small pleasures. It's the perfect gift for our loved ones.


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