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ZenEye - 4D Premium Heating Eye Massager

Amazing product! I got this for my migraines because I use a hot rice pad and thought this may be better. Man was I right! The massage and heat helped relieve my migraine. My husband loves it as well and said he never knew he needed an eye massager until he used it!


Eli – ✅ Verified Customer



Your Eyes Will Thank You!


Insufficient sleep and poor blood circulation can lead to eye bags and dark circles around your eyes. With ZenEye, you have a companion that can massage your sockets around your eyeballs which strengthen the metabolism of eye cells, smooth out wrinkles around the eyes, eliminate facial drowsiness, and puffiness while calming the skin. When you wake up in the morning or when you are about to go to sleep, put ZenEye on for 15 minutes and reap the benefits. 


If you sit behind a screen for 8+ hours a day, drive for long periods of time, get too little sleep or even have allergies, ZenEye can provide you that therapeutic experience to rejuvenate your eyes that a massage offers without the costly massage therapist visits. Say goodbye to your eye bags!




 Why ZenEye Will Change Your Life  


REDUCE MIGRAINES - Eye strain is one of the leading causes of migraines.  Massaging your eyes just 15 minutes a day can help prevent eye strain and avoid expensive migraine medicine purchases.




ALLEVIATE EYE TWITCHING– Eye twitching is an annoyance and can be caused by excessive caffeine usage, stress, or fatigue.  Massaging your eye helps relax your eye muscles, release endorphins (happy chemicals!), which leads to a looser, more relaxed area of your body.


IMPROVE DRY EYES- About 4.88 Million Americans age 50 and over have dry eyes. Rubbing around your eyes stimulates the flow of tears, causing lubrication for dry eyes and removal of irritants.




REDUCE STRESS – 77% of people experience stress that affects their physical health.  Gentle pressure to the eyeball stimulates the Vagus nerve, slows the heart rate, and relieves stress.


IMPROVED VISION – Approximately 12 Million people 40 years and over have vision impairment. By massaging around your eyes, you help drain excess fluids, de-stress muscles, and promote new cell growth, all leading to a healthier eye.




In this age of high-tech computers and viral social media, people are much likelier to experience digital eyestrain than ever before.  The symptoms of digital eye strain can include blurry vision, itchy eyes, sensitivity to light, headaches, and even a sore neck, shoulders, or back. 

Why not finish the day with a relaxing eye massage with ZenEye.  Not only will it help relieve your stress, but you will also set yourself up for a peaceful sleep and wake up refreshed and with bagless eyes.  Do yourself a favor and get yours today and start your recovery towards healthier eyes.


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