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MiMi Headtronics Multiplatform Gaming Headphones

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If you are looking for a gaming headset with a bit of everything.
- The light frame(cushion on top) without access to clamping force.
- Comfortable ear cushions with proper internal padding and am really happy with that because I don’t like when my ears are smashed.
- Multi-Platform compatibility. The sound quality will be satisfied with, even I can write that for the game like call of duty(warzone), I can hear 3D sound what I mean is easy I can notice from which direction the steps coming, or glass is breaking all that kind of things that gamers find useful when they play their favourite games.
- The mic is not removable but you have a mute button which is better because I always lose things like that.
- The cable is really long. I think it is about 2 meters(even more). 


Jay – ✅ Verified Customer

Theatre-Like sound with MiMi Headtronics


Being unable to focus due to many external distractions can be frustrating for many gamers. This inability to focus can lead to missing environmental cues because you are not able to think clearly, not focus on tasks, or be able to focus on listening for cues in-game. With MiMi X Headphones and their noise cancellation technology, you can regain the focus in your gaming zone.

MiMi X with its technologically advanced 50 mm neurodynamic drivers can deliver stunning 3D surround sound with ultra-accurate sound localization and positioning. Its immersive audio will help drown out all external distractions and help you refocus your concentration on the task at hand.


How MiMi Headtronics Will Change Your Gaming Experience


Multi-Platform Compatibility - designed for flexibility to support various gaming devices, enables gamers to go mobile giving them more opportunities to improve their gaming skills.



 Gaming Grade Surround Sound - Engineered with plush memory foam earpads, conforming to the shape of gamers' heads for ultimate comfort. Lightweight and adjustable to deliver lasting comfort for hours of comfortable gaming experience. 



Noise Cancelling Mic - Reduces ambient noisesfor crystal clear communication, allowing voice commands to always be heard by your teammates. Perfect for Discord, Skype, Teamspeak, etc, for easier coordination of strategies.




In-Line Audio Controls - Adjust mic and volume easily during play via the control box. Perfect for Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, etc. The 7.2ft tangle-free nylon cables give enough freedom to move around during long gaming sessions.




We understand how frustrating it is when your team can’t communicate clearly because you have sub-standard headphones & mics.  Your in-game strategies won’t be executed with precision no matter how much you practice if you don’t have a crystal clear voice or can hear the commands from your teammates. Distractions can be costly and lead to losing the game.


With MiMi Headtronics say goodbye to distractions and hello to next-to-you audio. Communicating with MiMi Headtronics will sound like your team is in the same room.  Hear a footfall, a bush rustle, with precision hearing your teamwork abilities, will outshine your competitors. Enjoy crystal clear surround sound and distinct sound effects using MiMi Headtronics today!





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Red and black
Blue and black