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PhotoDrop – Photography Backdrops


I don't know why I've been going through the hassle of DIYing my backdrops for so long when this just helped me take the hassle and stress out of photo setup! It looks elegant, lightweight and so easy to clean.


Angie B. – ✅ Verified Customer


Backdrops are a key component for any photoshoot, whether you are shooting people or products. The backdrop can make or break your image. They can create a specific visual scene behind the subject of the photo. ... They help to make a photo memorable and can add dimension and depth to a photo.


PhotoDrop is a premium photo backdrop that is realistic and natural. Make your photos pop and professional-looking with backdrops that complement your subject.




Why PhotoDrop Will Change Your Life 


LONG LASTING – Made from Polyvinyl Chloride, resistant to stains, and flexible. Won’t wrinkle and if stored properly can be used for a lifetime! Imagine the savings!


PROFESSIONAL LOOKING– Whether you want a marble or wood look for your subject. PhotoDrop will accentuate the details of your subject making your product stand out.




EASY TO CLEAN– The material is non-porous and smooth.  No matter what you spill on the backdrop, cleaning with a damp cloth is easy and fast.


SETS THE STAGE – The backdrop is what sets the stage of your entire composition. An effective background will add to your story, providing valuable information about your setting, and helping to dramatically enhance the photo.



PORTABILITY – PhotoDrop can be easily rolled up with a foam center, so no worry about fold lines. They are light which makes them easy to store and transport.




You are prepping for a shoot for one of your best clients. You realize you don’t have the right backdrop for the setting of your photoshoot.  You need something portable as the shoot will be indoor and outdoor.


PhotoDrop has you covered. Choose from a variety of options that we offer. If we don’t have what you need call us and we’ll get it. We provide premium backdrops for your needs whether you are a beginner or Pro.



We genuinely believe we carry some of the most innovative products globally, and we want to make sure we back that up with a 100% risk-free 30-day guarantee.

At STARR Mart, we have a 24/7 support team, so should you need anything please do not hesitate to reach out to us.