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PortAir - Automatic Tire Inflator

Wireless tire inflator is quick and very easy to use. Operates off rechargeable battery power. Very handy when you need a quick pump!

Fred T. – ✅ Verified Customer

Spring is upon us! Your bikes and sports equipment have been in storage all winter. Ever pull out your basketball and find out it's flat? We've all come across a flat bike tire when pulling it out for spring maintenance.

Easily pull out PortAir Inflator.  Small enough to be carried in your backpack, it's easy to set up to inflate your bike tires, basketball, soccer ball, even your car tire!  All without missing a beat!

Why PortAir will Change Your Life


AUTOMATIC - At a click of a button, you can set the target Air PSI. Once PortAir Starts it will automatically stop when the target PSI is reached.


POWERFUL - Don't be fooled by its small stature. With a max PSI of 150, you can inflate your tires within a few minutes!

SAFE - Overinflation can lead to weakened braking performance, impacting our safety. PortAir can be preset to inflate to a safe PSI level, so you don't have to worry about overinflation.

SAVES MONEY - Under inflation of your car tires can lead to increased tire wear and gasoline consumption. PortAir will ensure your tires are always at peak PSI levels!

PORTABLE & EASY TO CHARGE - PortAir can fit anywhere; your car's glove compartment, your backpack.  You can even put it on your bike with the right mount. You can charge PortAir in your car or even using a power bank. Carry it anywhere while you charge it.

At some point, we all come across a flat or low air in our tires. When it's during the night, safety is a concern. We've also felt the disappointment when we bring our bikes out for a ride or a basketball to play at the court and realize they are both flat.

PortAir will quickly get you back in your car and on your way, with only minutes needed to inflate a flat tire. That disappointment will turn to elation when you realize AirPort is in your backpack and will only take seconds to get you on your way biking or playing basketball with your friends.

Wireless Option

Wireless with Car Adapter Option


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