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ZenKnee - Heating Knee Massager

"This fits over the knee as a helmet fits over your head, and it makes surprisingly good contact with the entire knee. It delivers heat that soothes any aching part of your body, vibration, compression, kneading red light therapy, and even has a TENS pad for electrical stimulation. Its therapies are strong enough to be felt pretty deep in the knee joint, but I haven't felt any pain from it while using it. It suggests that you use it for 15 minutes once or twice a day and I can really feel a reduction in the amount of pain I experienced during the day."


Ron B. – ✅ Verified Customer


Your knee joint is one of the most important parts of the lower limbs, which directly affects a person’s health and vitality. Sitting for long periods of time causes poor blood circulation. Strenuous exercise can cause damage to the knee. Preventative maintenance is a more effective treatment method.


ZenKnee compression knee massage device, combined with modern technology and traditional Chinese medicine methodologies is easy to carry, easy to use, and suitable for everyone that is experiencing knee joint issues.



Why ZenKnee Will Change Your Life 


HEAT THERAPY – Heat can relax muscles and help lubricate the knee joint. Heat therapy is best to relieve muscle and joint stiffness, help warmup joints before activity, or ease muscle spams.



RED LIGHT THERAPY– Infrared lights help reduction of inflammation due to arthritis. Exposure to infrared lights is an effective way to increase collagen production.




AIRBAG KNEADING MASSAGE– Supports increased blood flow to knee joints bringing more nutrients and oxygen to the knee to increase healing, also decreases overall pain and stiffness.



IMPULSE THERAPY – ZenKnee can support TENS therapy which delivers small electric pulses that flood the nervous system.  These electrical pulses stimulate the body to produce endorphins (feel-good chemicals).


SAVES MONEY – Usage of massages to help reduce inflammation and pain relief can save money towards pain killers. It is a more natural form of pain management.


Your knees are critical joints in your lower body. 54 million Americans who experience the pain and loss of mobility due to arthritis, you know how frustrating and debilitating the disease can be.  According to the CDC, more than half of adult arthritis sufferers are under 65, although the risk increases markedly as people get older.


ZenKnee is the perfect companion to reduce arthritic pain. Providing kneading massage, heat therapy, and red light therapy to stimulate blood flow, increased circulation of oxygen and nutrients at an affordable price.  Get yours today and start reaping the benefits!




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