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MemoryLane – Explosion Gift Box


I purchased this box and put it together a few days ago for my boyfriend’s birthday. I love it! It was pretty easy to put together. The box ended up being pretty sturdy for what it is, considering its standard card stock. It only took about 30 minutes to build. I’m super excited to give it to him for his birthday!


Shannon C. – ✅ Verified Customer


 Memories Will Last A Lifetime


Scrapbooking is a process of gathering, presenting, and arranging personal and family history in the form of a box, book, or card.  Preserving the important events in you and your loved ones' life is fun and can bring back great memories.


MemoryLane will bring back those great memories as you assemble a work of art for your loved ones. This gift box is so versatile you can create one for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, proposals, or even just a storage for your most precious pictures.




Why MemoryLane Will Change Your Life


PRESERVE MEMORIES – A picture is worth a thousand words is perfect to describe MemoryLane. As you stroll down memory lane looking through the pictures, conjuring up positive feelings from your past.


COGNITIVE WORKOUT– Did you know that building an explosion gift box like MemoryLane gives your brain a workout? The brain activity to retrieve details behind pictures keeps your brain sharp and improves your memory retrieval.



SENSE OF JOY AND PRIDE– Building an explosion box for that special person will be a source of pride and joy for yourself and also will show that special person how much you love them!


GIVING – When working on an explosion gift box, you are giving your thoughts, feelings, and memories to an event to share with others.  The joy you feel when others express pleasure and enjoyment from your work is worth all the time and energy!





HELPS YOU RELAX – As you focus on creating MemoryLane you're focused on what is in front of you and who you are creating this for; you lose yourself in the positive memories that build this box.  The positive thoughts on how this will be received will melt away your worries and anxieties.


HELPS COMMUNICATE YOUR FEELINGS – There is a story behind every picture, every sentence, every drawing that makes up the explosion gift box. This is the perfect way to communicate your feelings if you can’t express them in words.


We are all social beings.  We need connectedness, and we show our love in various, cards, gifts...all the usual ways to express our feelings; however why not be different, unique and show the true embodiment of love through an explosion box.


Bring positivity and love into our lives and the lives of our loved ones.  Create a montage with MemoryLane.  Make yourself focus on fond memories, bring out joy from those memories and pass that positive energy and joy to your loved ones wherever they are.  One person at a time is all it takes!






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