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ReflexBall - Reflex Training Set


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Improved my hand eye coordination immensely. it shows now whenever I go to the tennis club at my local YMCA. I've been crushing every set that I've played in the last couple of months since I started using the reflex balls. I started at the "newbie" ball and have been able to work my way to "boxer." Another couple of weeks I'll be at the "beast mode ball's" doorstep knocking, or boxing, down every one of my limits.                

Shamia K – ✅ Verified Customer


Young or Old – Hand-eye Coordination Benefits All


Hand-eye coordination plays a major role in your fine motor skills throughout your entire life.  In your early years, hand-eye coordination helps your child track the movement of their hands with their eyes, which is essential for reading and decoding. Studies have shown that hand-eye coordination exercises coupled with aerobic exercises can help slow down the decline of age-related decline of hand-eye coordination. 


ReflexBall is a tool that can be enjoyed by the whole family, young to old.  Help your children develop their hand-eye coordination while keeping at bay any decline for yourself and your parents.  Challenge each other to see who can do the most repetitions in a single round! 



Why ReflexBall Will Change Your Life 


HAND EYE COORDINATION DEVELOPMENT IN CHILDREN – New research findings, published in Psychological Science, show an association that young children with better hand-eye coordination scored higher on basic academic skills compared to their less-dexterous peers.


INCREASE BRAIN VOLUME- Data tracked in databases from the National Institutes In Health have indicated that Aerobic exercises may increase brain volume, which can also help improve hand-eye coordination.


USE IT ANYWHERE - ReflexBall can be brought with you anywhere.  Do it inside your home, while you are out walking with your family.  Its versatility makes it useful in any situation.




FAMILY FUN – Spend time with the family, challenge each other.  How many repetitions can each of you do in 1 minute?  Make it a fun time with the family to benefit everyone’s health.  At least get a laugh at everyone’s awkwardness during the first try!

IMPROVED BODY COMPOSITIONSpend 20-30 minutes shadowboxing with ReflexBall to help you burn calories, lose weight, and burn fat.  This is a great addition to your workouts to also help build muscle.




SAVES MONEY & TIMESave money on a gym membership, by using this at home.  Spend 30 minutes in a High-Intensity workout with ReflexBall and cut down on the time you go to the gym, from commuting back and forth and spending at least an hour at the gym.


ENHANCE CARDIO HEALTHBoxing is an incredibly effective cardio workout.  Every punch requires the legs, core, and arms to flex. ReflexBall can help simulate a boxing environment helping you improve your cardio each session.





Nowadays everyone has been doing workouts at home. Saving money on their gym memberships, saving time not having to drive through traffic to get to and from the gym for an hour workout that could turn into 1 1/2- 2 hours depending on how far your gym is.  However, not everyone is aware of the importance of hand-eye coordination.


Hand-eye coordination is an important cognitive skill that must be developed young and continue to be developed through old age.  When was the last time you spent quality time with your kids and challenged them to something fun?  Family time only works if there is something engaging to do for everyone to enjoy.  Next time you want to spend quality time with your kids and ensure that you are providing them an environment to develop physically and cognitively, try challenging them with ReflexBall.




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