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ZenCalf - Wireless Air Compression Massager


"Oh my goodness! These are the most incredible things ever. This is so worth the money and I would definitely recommend this to anybody who has circulation problems in their legs. I also think you can play around a little bit depending on how tight you wrap them around your legs. The tighter you wrap them- the more compression you're going to feel. These are worth every single penny!"


Lisa B. – ✅ Verified Customer



The three most common leg injuries experienced by runners are osteoarthritis, meniscus tears, and calf strains. These injuries increase in frequency as runners get older. Calf injuries appear to be unique among muscular injuries in that they appear more frequently as you get older.


Massages can be an effective natural way to treat a variety of injuries. If you’ve suffered a calf or lower leg injury, the pain can be intense because you rely on your calf muscles every time you walk, run, or jump. A calf massager can help strengthen the muscles in your lower leg to reduce pain, boost circulation and reduce scar tissue.


Why ZenCalf Will Change Your Life 


IMPROVE CIRCULATION – To prevent blood pooling and embolism, keeping your blood circulating is important. ZenCalf will provide an all-round massage for your calves, air press your calf muscle from lower to upper to relieve fatigue and improve circulation.




  QUICKER RECOVERY – Calf injuries can be disabling. ZenCalf can help your muscles recover quickly by increasing the lymphatic fluid circulation, reduce scar tissues which can restrict mobility in the long run.




RELAX MUSCLES AFTER EXERCISEInflammation occurs in our muscles during exercise. ZenCalf helps relax muscles and relieve sore leg muscles when you finish the exercise, which results in faster recovery from muscle fatigue.



KEEPS LEGS ACTIVE AND HEALTHY– As we get older, the vitality of the legs gradually weakens, causing leg soreness and swelling. ZenCalf can help improve leg health and enhance leg vitality.


HEAT THERAPY – 2 heating temperatures allow for dilating blood vessels, promoting blood flow, and help sore and tightened muscles to relax, improved circulationcan help eliminate the buildup of lactic acid that occurs after certain types of exercise.


After a long training session, your calves are tight, blood flow is restricted, and oxygen and nutrient transfer are decreased. You’ve been sitting at your desk and all morning, blood is pooling in your legs below the knees. Chronic blood pooling can eventually be painful and disabling.


ZenCalf can assist in improving the health of your calves. Through heat therapy, compression massaging your blood circulation will increase oxygen and nutrients absorption by your calves, increasing recovery time. Best of all, ZenCalf is a one-time investment, which means you don’t have to keep paying a massage therapist for treatments every time your injury flares up. Invest in ZenCalf today!




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