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ZenCall Remover - Electric Callus Remover and Vacuum

"This Electric Foot Callus Vacuum Remover showed me results, and I have very rough feet. Very pleased with the results, I have never had smooth foot bottoms before!"

Paulina M – ✅ Verified Customer


The Most Effective Callus Remover


Whether you are wearing open heel sandals or your favorite flip-flops, there will be a time you will want to get your feet in the best shape possible. Getting rid of the dead skin that may have accumulated over time - from calluses to corns, can be hard to get rid of without the right tools, slough off rough areas and get your feet baby soft with this ultimate tool...


ZenCall, the ultimate 2 in 1 callus remover and vacuum. Much quicker than removing manually and with traditional tools, Zencall will have your feet looking smooth and soft again. Just add moisturizer after each session and watch the transformation before your eyes!





GET RID OF CALLUSES FASTER – Like all-electric and mechanical machines, callus removers help to get rid of your problem much faster than doing it manually or with traditional tools. Thanks to the great design of the best removers, it will not only get rid of them faster but actually easier.


LIGHTER AND SMALLER – Callus removers tend to be really light and small, fitting perfectly in our hands. Due to this, getting into the hardest parts to reach or just doing it for long times on the most difficult calluses to remove, a callus remover will be the best option. While a pumice stone is great for getting rid of dead skin cells, it might take a while and involve a lot of energy trying to get the callus off.



EASY TO USE – Even though calluses can appear in the most difficult to reach places in our body, eliminating them with a callus remover is something that won’t demand any effort. With just placing the tool over the callus and letting it do its job, you will eliminate that protuberance in just a few seconds without having to get exhausted.


SOFT AND BEAUTIFUL FEET ONCE MORE – Yes, using a great callus remover will make that annoying callus completely disappear from your sight. Even so, you will be able to cure your skin and even make it look better than before. Using an electric callus remover will be immensely better than using a manual tool like a pumice stone or a foot peel, as with a manual tool you are more likely to harm your skin but with an electric one you will be able to cure and even make it look good.


USB RECHARGEABLE – You save money over time because there are no batteries to replace. Take it in the car for sandal-ready feet at the beach or to the office to touch up cracked heels in between meetings.



Spring is in the air; summer is just around the corner and you’ve been cooped up in the home for the past year. With the weather turning, and prospects of getting outside in this year looking better than last. Your feet are afraid of going out in sandals, they have become cracked and dry from disrepair.


Tell your feet not to worry, that you have ZenCall to help make them smooth and soft again. You can sand down your feet anywhere, and quickly without worrying about dead skin getting everywhere. Only spend a couple of sessions to rejuvenate your feet and maintain them until they can wear sandals in the summer.






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