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ZenNeck™ Cervical Massager

I have tried many different types in the past but none have worked. Instead of the standard shaking and vibration, this neck massage using electronic impulses to create the massage. The end result is that I finally found a great massager to help make my neck feel much better. I highly recommend this unit for those with neck issues.

                             Walter H – ✅Verified Customer



Wellness for your Neck 


 The prevalence of neck pain globally is hard to ignore, with numerous studies showing that up to 70-75% of the population will experience neck pain some time in their lives. With ZenNeck™, you have a companion that can massage your neck while you are sitting at your desk working, sitting reading a book, standing up cooking.  You can use this companion practically anywhere (except the shower!).


ZenNeck™ delivers the calming experience that a massage offers. Say goodbye to your neck pain, soreness, and tension headaches! ZenNeck™ is more than just a massager, it is a complete and intelligent therapeutic experience. Relieve your neck pain & tension anytime, anywhere.   



✅ LIGHTWEIGHT, COMFORTABLE & ERGONOMIC - The intelligence 360 design fits all neck sizes. ZenNeck can be worn anytime; while you are working at your desk, laying down reading a book, or even going for a brisk walk outside.


✅ STIMULATES AND RELAXES MUSCLES - ZenNeck™ uses intelligent TENS technology to revitalize stressed muscle tissue - relieving neck pain, relaxing muscles & increasing endorphin (natural painkillers) production.


✅ STRENGTHEN IMMUNE SYSTEM - massaging elevates the activity level of white blood cells. The increased white blood cell levels strengthen the immune system to fight off flu and colds.


✅ IMPROVES CIRCULATION - promotes blood circulation and releases muscle pressure. Better blood circulation will promote faster healing and increase oxygen flow to your brain for improved cognitive abilities while working.



✅ HEAT THERAPY FOR YOUR NECK & SHOULDERS - Smart Neck Massager with heat Built-in new thermostat, 107 Fahrenheit warmly penetrates neck skin, relaxes neck muscles. Release your neck & shoulder tiredness to achieve deep relaxation


✅ MULTIPLE MASSAGE NODES - deliver gentle pulsations replicating the traditional acupuncture and Shiatsu massage therapy, loosening stressed muscle tissue. Choose from 3 modes & 15 intensities. This will prevent your muscles from getting used to a single mode of massage, thereby increasing the effectiveness of each session.


✅ USE IT ANYWHERE - at home, at the gym, at work, or in the car. A Therapeutic experience wherever, whenever.



Now that the majority of us are working from home during these times, the line between personal and work life has blurred and we find ourselves working longer hours in front of our computers either using an ironing board as our desk or maybe our island kitchen.  Our neck and shoulders are the victims of our bad postures and have lead to more pain in these areas.  Add on top of this the stress during these times wondering when things can get back to normal; having to juggle our work around the demands of kids and family, the amount of pressure that surrounds us every day translates to constant tightness throughout our entire bodies.


Massages provide the best mind and body experiences for individuals.  Imagine being able to have a neck massage at any time during the day without having to leave your home.  ZenNeck™ can be your go-to personal masseur to help relax your muscles and calm your mind.  Why wait till the end of the workday when you can use ZenNeck™ anytime.  Get yours today and start experiencing the benefits now!